The Weakness.

Once upon a time, in a far-off land in Japan, there lived a boy named Heiwa. Heiwa was always cheerful, kind and full of life. He dreamed of becoming a great kung fu fighter and win the legendary kung fu championship. Heiwa trained tirelessly to achieve his goal. However, fate had something else on it's mind. One unfortunate day, Heiwa met with a tragic accident and lost his left hand. He barely survived, but his dreams of becoming a legendary fighter died in that accident. How could someone hope to fight, with a hand missing. What Sensei would accept someone like him as his ward. Desperate, Heiwa travelled across Japan visiting Shaolin temples, pleading to be accepted as a student. All of them refused him for one reason or another. Though Heiwa always knew that the real reason was his missing left hand and that nobody in their right mind would waste their time training someone like that.

As a last resort, Heiwa journeyed to a remote mountain to find an eccentric monk, rumored to be a legendary fighter in his own right. Nobody really trained under the monk due to his unorthodox teaching methods. Heiwa met with the monk, worried that he'll get rejected again as soon as the monk will see his missing left hand. To his surprise, the monk just smiled and accepted him as his student. Next morning, Heiwa's training started early. His new Sensei showed him an amazing attack move and asked Heiwa to practice it. Seeing his dream coming alive again, Heiwa kept practicing the move tirelessly. As days passed, Heiwa soon realized why the monk was looked down upon in the kung fu community. He insisted that Heiwa keep practicing the same move until he was satisfied, which he never was and as it will turn out, would never be.

The well renowned annual kung fu championship was fast approaching and Heiwa was stuck with just one attack move. Anxious, he kept asking the monk that may be he should start learning some more moves. The monk won't budge. Finally, the day of the tournament arrived. Heiwa was nervous and furious on his teacher; a contestant with his missing left hand who only knew a single move? What sort of humiliating defeat awaits him? The tournament started. To his surpirse, Heiwa won the first round! And the one after that, and another after that; and the one that followed. Everyone was shocked to their core to see a one handed boy defeat the more experienced fighters one by one. It was beyond any logic or explanation. He eventually won the championship, much to his own shock and disbelief, single handedly, quite literally in this case.

Overwhelmed with emotion, Heiwa thanked his Sensei and asked how did he managed to win. The monk replied, "Heiwa, you won for two reasons. First, the move I taught you is the toughest in kung fu, known only by a few and mastered by even fewer. You mastered that move. Second, and perhaps the most important one, your opponent was supposed to catch your left hand to counter the move. But, since you have no left hand, they could not defend against it. I turned your weakness into your greatest strength."

The End.